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Cusi Travel

Join us to experience Cusco, Peru, the center of the Inca Empire and the largest pre-Columbian civilization in the Americas. Cusi Travel offers a variety of tours in Cusco and the surrounding areas, all tailored to meet your needs. Whether you come to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or to explore other unforgettable sites, Cusi Travel has the perfect tour for you. Lay below the clear Andean skies, soak in local medicinal hot springs, marvel at Incan architecture, or visit local communities to learn firsthand the ancient traditions that are still practiced today.

Cusi Travel is a locally owned and managed tour operator, run by experienced professionals who are fluent in English, Spanish and Quechua, the ancient language of the Incas. Our guides and staff were born and raised in local rural communities, have university training in tourism, and are licensed by the Peruvian government. They are incredibly knowledgeable about Incan history and Peruvian traditions, and are committed to giving you an insider’s view of our culture. Cusi Travel provides this local perspective in a number of first-class tours and packages, all designed especially for travelers who love adventure, food, language and history.

English Education with Cusi Projects  Cusi Travel supports education in the Andean village of Mahuaypampa where our Quechuas (porters) are from by providing an English teacher in the elementary school and donating school supplies to the children. Take a look at the community service that we have been able to do because of your support!.
Nick Kroll and Gary Benerofe in Machu Picchu  Nick Kroll and Gary Benerofe discuss their experience on the Lares Hike with Cusi Travel. They especially loved the guiding, food, hot springs and of course, reaching Machu Picchu.
Travel Sustainably with Cusi Travel  Did you know that, according to the United Nations, for every US $100 spent on a tour in a developing country, only $5 stays in the local economy? Normally, almost all of the money flows back to large companies operating outside the destination countries. At Cusi Travel, we guarantee that your travel expenditures will support the local economy, and improve the lives of Peruvians.