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USA: 1-507-298-0709
Peru: +51 985 808 035


Cusi Travel is by all means the best tour company in Cusco for the Inka Trail.

After a lot of search thru the internet and friends, we found out about Cusi Travel, at first we were having double thoughts about their higher rates compare with other tour companies; however we decided to book with them; and I am glad that we did, the extra price is worth to the last penny!. Sure they are expensive but other tours didn’t have all the amenities we did (NorthFace tents, bathroom at the camping sites, good food including flaming bananas a desert for the first night!) We went there in April 2014, and yes the walk is hard specially if you are carrying your own equipment, but the views are just amazing, and our guide, the owner of the company, Mr Cusi really knows how to immerse you, little by little, to the Quechua culture thru all the trail and its arqueological sites.

But what must impress me about Cusi Travel is the fact that Jose Cusi comes from a Quechua community himself, and is aware of all the needs they have and the lack of support they receive from their government or from other locals. With that in mind Cusi Travel sets aside part of their earnings to provide education and health services to the Quechua community, as an example he is currently supporting an English teacher in the local school.

I will strongly recommend Custi Travel for you Inka Trail.


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