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“Awesome and very special”

We were a family of 5 (adults) traveling to Peru to hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. I chose Cusi travel because it was a local company with great reviews. What we experienced went beyond our expectations.
We had the company owner, Jose, as our guide and he was very informative and easy-going. He took care to give history lessons relevant to the Quechuas 500 yrs ago who built and lived in the ruins we passed, but also modern-day perspectives on current mountain/country living. He included some lovely comforts such as high-quality, totally waterproof North Face tents, comfortable Thermarests, our own portable toilet so we wouldn’t need to use the public ones, REAL brewed coffee, and excellent meals based on typical local fares. Our chef Luis was especially creative with desserts, including banana flambe and strawberry meringue. We certainly never went hungry!
Jose made a point to take care of the Quechuas he employed to carry our gear. For those unaware, the Quechuas hired as porters have been very poorly treated until recently regulations were set in place, and it was still evident to us on the trails that not all companies treated their Quechuas equally. Jose has made a relationship with a single community (Mahuaypampa) that he hires from, provides them with quality packs to carry, good clothes, and their own sleeping gear, and works to foster an environment of teamwork and mutual success with them. As a way to further give back to Mahuaypampa, Jose through his company donates supplies and hires an English teacher for the local school to improve opportunities for the children.
At the end of our trip, Jose met with us for lunch in Aguas Calientes and took the men out to get Chicha from a local chicharia. He met us the day after as well not only to provide us with a CD of pictures he took on the journey but walked us to a local textile market that sold authentic alpaca wool clothing and goods. We had an amazing time on this trip, and we were continuously impressed with the care Jose showed us to ensure we had the best time possible. Whether you want to do the Inca trail or any other tour or hike around Cusco, Cusi Travel is the company you should choose!


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