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(English) “Unforgettable experience with Jose & crew!”

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(English) “Best Adventure EVER!”

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Reviewed: June 16, 2014

(English) “PERFECT Countryside Experience!!!”

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Reviewed: June 28, 2014
Wit P

(English) “Amazing Mantanay Hike (off-the beaten path)”

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Reviewed: August 27, 2014

“Awesome and very special”

We were a family of 5 (adults) traveling to Peru to hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. I chose Cusi travel because it was a local company with great reviews. What we experienced went beyond our expectations.
We had the company owner, Jose, as our guide and he was very informative and easy-going. He took care to give history lessons relevant to the Quechuas 500 yrs ago who built and lived in the ruins we passed, but also modern-day perspectives on current mountain/country living. He included some lovely comforts such as high-quality, totally waterproof North Face tents, comfortable Thermarests, our own portable toilet so we wouldn’t need to use the public ones, REAL brewed coffee, and excellent meals based on typical local fares. Our chef Luis was especially creative with desserts, including banana flambe and strawberry meringue. We certainly never went hungry!
Jose made a point to take care of the Quechuas he employed to carry our gear. For those unaware, the Quechuas hired as porters have been very poorly treated until recently regulations were set in place, and it was still evident to us on the trails that not all companies treated their Quechuas equally. Jose has made a relationship with a single community (Mahuaypampa) that he hires from, provides them with quality packs to carry, good clothes, and their own sleeping gear, and works to foster an environment of teamwork and mutual success with them. As a way to further give back to Mahuaypampa, Jose through his company donates supplies and hires an English teacher for the local school to improve opportunities for the children.
At the end of our trip, Jose met with us for lunch in Aguas Calientes and took the men out to get Chicha from a local chicharia. He met us the day after as well not only to provide us with a CD of pictures he took on the journey but walked us to a local textile market that sold authentic alpaca wool clothing and goods. We had an amazing time on this trip, and we were continuously impressed with the care Jose showed us to ensure we had the best time possible. Whether you want to do the Inca trail or any other tour or hike around Cusco, Cusi Travel is the company you should choose!

Reviewed: May 13, 2014


Cusi Travel is by all means the best tour company in Cusco for the Inka Trail.

After a lot of search thru the internet and friends, we found out about Cusi Travel, at first we were having double thoughts about their higher rates compare with other tour companies; however we decided to book with them; and I am glad that we did, the extra price is worth to the last penny!. Sure they are expensive but other tours didn’t have all the amenities we did (NorthFace tents, bathroom at the camping sites, good food including flaming bananas a desert for the first night!) We went there in April 2014, and yes the walk is hard specially if you are carrying your own equipment, but the views are just amazing, and our guide, the owner of the company, Mr Cusi really knows how to immerse you, little by little, to the Quechua culture thru all the trail and its arqueological sites.

But what must impress me about Cusi Travel is the fact that Jose Cusi comes from a Quechua community himself, and is aware of all the needs they have and the lack of support they receive from their government or from other locals. With that in mind Cusi Travel sets aside part of their earnings to provide education and health services to the Quechua community, as an example he is currently supporting an English teacher in the local school.

I will strongly recommend Custi Travel for you Inka Trail.

Reviewed: May 9, 2014
Roberto V

“Awesome Cusco City Tour with Cusi Travel!”

This was my second trip to Cusco, and this time I decided to go on the Cusco City tour with Cusi Travel. My first trip I tried to read about the city before arriving, but it was amazing how much I missed or had walked right past the first time. Cusi Travel was excellent! Our guide, Jose, was so knowledgeable, friendly and not afraid to change the itinerary to closer align with our interests. We saw all of the major Inca ruins in Cusco and learned not only about Inca history and culture, but also about Peru’s current culture. The pace was perfect and Jose ensured that the tour was interactive and never felt like a lecture. We even got to go sliding down rocks at the top of Sacsayhuaman and travel through a small cave! I wish I had done the city tour with Cusi Travel on my first trip as I can’t believe how much I missed out on. I would highly recommend Cusi Travel’s city tour if you really want to see, understand and experience Cusco!

Reviewed: April 21, 2014
Jeremy N

“Perfect trip”

Perfectly organized, excellent food, unforgettable experience as cusi makes you discover the world of the inca during “history lessons”.

Reviewed: January 1, 2014

“Just perfect”

José, Puma and Javier guided us always making sure we were safe, we were happy, and we were learning a lot of Inca culture.
The way they treated not only us (clients), but also the team who were supporting this trip was amazing! Everybody working on this seemed really happy and motivated to create the best experience for us.

The food was great! A real chef accompanied us during the whole trip and prepared the best food I ever had in a trail. He was also very careful with people’s restrictions and balanced the energy we need to endure the trail.

For me, the Inca Trail was a great challenge, as I had never hiked long trails before; however, José, Puma and Javier were so confident that we could make it, that I became more confident myself and enjoyed the whole trip, even during the challenging uphills.

Only points:
– guides know the culture not only because they come from local communities, but they have also had formal education on the subject
– guides speak very good English
– perfect execution: everything was always prepared on time (tents, food, etc.)
– only first-class equipment

Reviewed: November 26, 2013

“One of the best experiences of our lives!”

Crazy you might think, but my (now) husband and I decided to do the Inka trail for our honeymoon. Leading up to it, I was a nervous… but the experience was UNFORGETTABLE! Unforgettable for a number of reasons. Firstly, walking the Inka trail is just an experience of a life time – the views are amazing and the perseverance you experience puts things in to perspective. Secondly, Cusi Travel ensured that our experience was pushed to the next level – with the right gear, friendly people, small group format, proper insight in to the Inka/Quechan culture and, of course, amazing food! Well, how can you go wrong. Lastly, one of the major bonuses with Cusi Travel is the optional community visit. I found it be a very unique and insightful experience!

Reviewed: November 13, 2013
Nadira G

“Perfection on the Inca Trail”

There is no way that I can adequately put into words how absolutely fantastic Cusi Travel is, but I’ll give it a shot.

First of all, Jose and his crew are all native Quechuas and have an unmatched knowledge of the history of Cusco and the Incas. They are incredibly fun, adventurous, funny, and professional. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of Incan and Peruvian history. They went well beyond their duties and made a concerted effort to connect with each traveler individually. I had fantastic conversations with the guides on topics ranging from Inca stone-carving technique to contemporary Peruvian politics.

Cusi took us into the Cusco highlands for a village stay, where we visited a local school and were invited into a community leader’s home for tea and snacks. We shared stories with schoolchildren and heard them sing local songs. We were immersed in the Quechua culture and learned first-hand about education, family, community, and food. We even danced to local music under the light of the moon in a backyard filled with cows, dogs, chickens, children, and community leaders! It was an incredible and authentic experience which I will never forget.

On the trail, everything was planned and organized to perfection, and the support and service went far beyond our expectations. The food was so good that we momentarily forgot we were backpacking! We had three-course meals for dinner and lunch everyday along with snacks, drinks, and tea.

Cusi Travel is also committed to the local community and donates a share of their profits toward community programs to improve education and well-being in rural areas. They want to give back to the Quechua community and share the beauty of local culture with tourists. Our experience with Cusi Travel was so much more than a hike to Machu Picchu.

Cusi Travel brought something special and unexpected to our Inca Trail experience. The little details, the fabulous food, the personal attention, the local connections, the joke circles, the immersion in local culture… the list goes on… made our experience absolutely unforgettable. I would recommend Cusi Travel to any of my friends as the best Inca Trail experience available.

Reviewed: November 9, 2013
Brian S

“Nothing less than amazing”

I was part of a group of 26 graduate students hiking the trail for the first time. Jose and his team was nothing less than flawless. In addition to showering us with jokes, history lessons, and amazingly yummy food, they also took care of us when some of us had difficulties making the climb and/or even experience altitude sickness. My entire group was extremely impressed by the coordination and execution that Cusi Travel exhibited. This is an experience that we will all remember for many years to come.

Reviewed: October 16, 2013

“Knowledgeable and conscientious”

I hiked the trail with Cusi Travel and 26 fellow grad students in August 2013. I also had the good fortunate of being one of the organizers of the trip for the group, which meant that I was involved in the task of selecting a tour company and then coordinating with them. From the get-go, Cusi was extremely professional, prompt in their replies, and generally a pleasure to work with. But most of all I love the ethos of this company. Unlike many tour companies that are based outside of Peru, Cusi is focused on close integration with the local community and on promoting cross-cultural exchanges. We were able to experience life in a remote village before our hike, interact with local schoolchildren, and develop a deeper understanding of the Quechua culture. Along these lines, Cusi shows a deep appreciation and respect for the Quechuas (porters) who join you on the trail. I don’t think this is true of all companies!

Reviewed: October 13, 2013

“Flawless execution with a personal touch”

I’m sure many of you reading these reviews are trying to choose between different Inca Trail trek companies and guides and are overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. Let me just help you out now: choose Cusi. I could not believe the quality of service and food we were getting on the trail. It seriously felt like a 5-star experience. Cusi Travel places a great emphasis on connecting their customers with the local culture, and I felt like that’s exactly what I wanted out of my experience on the trail. They taught us a few Quechuan words so that we could speak to our Quechuas (the porters) as they passed us (at breakneck speed with 25 kilos of weight on their back!) and thank them for all the hard work they did for us. Jose and all the tour guides were some of the most caring and funny people I’ve met, making sure that we all had the right motivation to make it to the top, or just the end of the day. The quality of the equipment was top-class (high-end NorthFace tents, very comfortable sleeping mats and much more). I could not believe how much energy all of these guys have, and they love being able to tell other people about their country. These guys were seriously our friends by even just the end of the first day, and so it really didn’t feel like a client/tour guide relationship. We were 27 people so were probably a lot to handle, and Cusi had never handled such a big group before, but they consistently always had the right amount of food and the logistics were flawless! I seriously believe with so much competition out there, Jose has had the pick of the litter with all of his staff (including the amazing chefs) so I cannot recommend Cusi more highly.

Reviewed: October 10, 2013

“A very authentic and well structured experience”

This was my first hiking and camping experience, and all my friends told me I was crazy. Doing the Inca Trail, they said, is as hardcore as it gets in terms of outdoor adventure.

Well, they weren’t exactly lying, but I am very thankful to Jose and his team for the fantastic experience. The four days were physically demanding, but they made it worthwhile. The infrastructure, the food, the safety and the team’s dedication were especially impressive.

Also, I was happy to see how concerned Jose and the other guides were in making sure that our group understood the richness and values of the Quechua culture.

Would certainly do it again, no questions asked.

(I am very suspicious when I look at an attraction on Trip Advisor that has nothing but great reviews, but Cusi is the real thing. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions).

Reviewed: October 8, 2013

“Funny and knowledgeable guides”

These guys are awesome. They showed me and my friends around Cusco and then we did the Inca trail. They know a lot about all the sites: just keep asking them questions and see if you can find something they don’t know about.

They also carry around oxygen and were really helpful with a friend of mine who got a bit sick from the altitude. Every evening they would make sure to get us a cool camping spot- often a little ways from the other groups where possible. The food they prepared for us was delicious!

Marching into machu pichu after days on the trail to the tune of flute music played by our guide was unforgettable.

Pro tip: make sure to ask them for their funniest stories about life on the trail- we had some real fun in the evenings hearing about their experiences.

Reviewed: October 8, 2013
Alex W

“Professional and Passionte – Loved Cusi!”

Cusi Travel hosted us as part of a group of 27 hikers for a 5-day, 4-night night to Machu Picchu in August 2013. Their service was incredible, and their connection to the local community unmatched. Jose (the owner and head guide) arranged for us to spend a day with a local school and have tea with a Peruvian family in the village – it was such a special experience, and it was obvious that Jose is deeply invested in the community. Once we started the Inca Trail, Jose and his team were excellent. Their gear and equipment were top-notch, the guides’ information was excellent, and they supported my group with patience and encouragement through the unavoidable moments of altitude adjustment and belly aches. Everyone on the trip made it to Machu Picchu and had a great time. One of the most impressive things about Cusi’s operation was the food. We ate a hot three-course meals every night while traipsing through mountains, and it was delicious. They even made a layered birthday cake for one hiker. I have no idea how they pulled off the cake while camping at altitude, but it was great. I definitely recommend Cusi.

Reviewed: October 8, 2013

“Cusi is the best!”

My wife and I booked the 8 day package (including the 4 day Inca Trek) with Cusi Travel for September 9th to 16th, 2013. We had a fantastic experience and highly recommend Cusi Travel to anyone considering a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Expertise of our guides, and the equipment provided (tent, sleeping bag and pad/pillow) were all top notch. Also, our chef on the trek, Donato, provided delicious food whilst accommodating a significant food allergy.

Some good reasons to book with Cusi Travel:
1. All of the arrangements worked out smoothly from the time we were met at the airport on arrival to our departure on the last morning. English speaking guides were provided at all times.
2. The cost of the package is a good value. Cusi Travel is a small company and you will get plenty of individual attention. The standard package was adapted to meet our scheduling needs.
3. Cusi tents are new, top quality, and don’t leak (trekkers with other companies got wet the last night on the trail).
4. Cusi Travel is a local company. What we paid goes entirely into the Peruvian economy. Larger, international companies take their profits out of Peru. This became more meaningful after our visit to a rural, farming community.

Jose Cusi Camero is the owner of Cusi Travel. He leads some of the treks. Jose guided us around Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo, and on a Community Visit (more below). Our guide for the Inca Trek was Javier Yupayccana Juarez . My wife and I are 65 and 67 years old, and, although we are seasoned hikers near sea level, we were very concerned about the difficulty of hiking at high altitude. Jose promptly answered our many emails and thoroughly prepared us for the trek. The briefing with Javier the night before the trek only reinforced our sense of preparedness. We are glad we spent 3 days in Cusco (11,000 feet elevation) prior to the trek and used Diamox – we had no symptoms of altitude sickness.

Jose personally guided us the 3 days we were initially in Cusco. His knowledge of Peruvian history (pre- and post-Spanish), architecture of the Inca buildings and temples, and especially his concern for the indigenous people of Peru (the Quechua) enriched our experience tremendously. On the Community Visit we drove to a remote farming village, where we visited the elementary school and met the children in their classrooms, grades 1, 2 and 3. We had a typical mid-day meal with a Quechuan family, followed by witnessing the centuries old method of separating lima beans from their stalks (husband, wife, grandfather and grandmother all working together).

Javier is a very funny and knowledgeable guy. He informed us of the historical significance of the sites along the Inca trail, as well as the flora and fauna. Javier made sure we paced ourselves properly during the ascent to Dead Womans Pass, and he provided the right amount of encouragement to help us cope with the thin air at nearly 14,000 ft. We had wonderful conversations about the differences between life in Peru and the United States. We walked into Machu Picchu at 8 am on day 4, just as the sun burned off the rain clouds from the previous night. Javier led us on an in depth tour of Machu Picchu before we descended to Aguas Calientes.

We had plenty of time for a soothing soak in the hot springs, followed by lunch at a restaurant and return to Cusco by train. Javier made sure that all of the arrangements were in place before we parted ways. A Cusi driver was waiting for us at the Cusco train station to whisk us back to our hotel. After all of our wonderful experiences, the next morning we were delivered to the airport, accompanied by Jose, for our flight to Lima and then home.

Reviewed: October 1, 2013
John C

“Excellent agency”

I had the best experience doing the Lares Trek with this agency.
It was better than expected.
The guide was really thoughtful explaining everything, taking pictures and not pushing too hard on those that were not 100% prepared for the hike.
The crew was also very competent, and the food was unbelievable considering the conditions (in the mountains in the middle of nowhere): several plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner, individually served and with a special attention to allergies.

I had no problem reaching them in advance or when I was in Cusco. The guide came to our hostel to explain everything we needed.

I recommend this to everyone.

Reviewed: September 29, 2013
Cesar L

“Something slightly different”

I went back and forth with tour companies for my Salkantay hike. There are so many options and so many different price ranges, I was totally confused as to which way I should go. After exchanging a couple emails with Jose, I decided to go with Cusi travel and I am glad I did.

I heard horror stories from other hikers about leaky tents, cold sleeping bags, mediocre food and having to buy their own water. I have to say the treatment that Jose and Cusi gave us was definitely second to none. From the great high end tents, to the warm sleeping bags, right down to having fresh boiled water every morning to put in my canteen. I loved every minute of it. Restaurant quality food, even at altitude was great. I had no issues with cold, sickness and my hike was totally enjoyable. Jose also has attention to detail and everything is thought through including his food menu. The food choices were easy to digest and complimented the hiking experience. Also, camping away from the crowds at our own private locations was a nice touch.
We also did a small tour of a coffee plantation and were able to harvest, roast and grind our own coffee.

All in all I would recommend Cusi and Jose. You pay a bit more for his service but it is well worth it.

Reviewed: September 23, 2013

“Cusi Travel: Amazing experience on the Inca Trail”

I just returned from a four-day trek on the Inca Trail with Cusi Travel and cannot recommend them highly enough. Our guides Jose, Javier, Carlos, and Puma were knowledgeable, charismatic and extremely experienced. The whole operation was very well organized, and all of our needs were seen to. As a first time trekker/camper I was a bit anxious about the trip, but all went extremely smoothly.

The food, equipment, and staff were all top knotch. We were blown away with the meals (cooked in a tent!) and also the attention to small details which made the camping experience just a bit more comfortable: to ease the early mornings, we were awoken with hot tea and warm water for washing up. We had a birthday in our group and the chefs somehow managed to bake a cake (how, I’m still not sure)! When some in our group suffered from altitude sickness, the guides showed them the utmost care.

Perhaps most impressive was the heart-felt passion of the guides for the Quetchua history and people. I also really admired the mission of the company and Jose’s commitment to improving the lives of the local families and the quality of education in the area.

The staff – guides and porters alike – were professional, caring, and knowledgeable. If I ever return to the Inco Trail (which I hope to!) I will definitely book with Cusi Travel again.

Reviewed: September 4, 2013

“Amazing Trekking Experience!”

My daughter and I just returned from our first trip to Peru where we did the 7 day Lares Trek with Jose Cusi of Cusi Travel. This trip was the kind of great experience which I will be suggesting to many others! From our initial emails right through to the return trip to the airport in Cusco, Jose Cusi and all the members of Cusi Travel made our experience absolutely wonderful.

We can’t say enough about the value, services and personal attention we received on our trip with Cusi Travel. While it is a moderately priced tour, the value really exceeded our expectations. Cusi Travel arranged all transport and tickets including train and bus to Macchu Piccu, pick up and drop off at the airport, and tickets for all historic sites and museums. In fact, with our combined ticket to historic sites we were able to visit two more museums in Cusco on our own the final morning before the flight home. The arrangements for hotels in Cusco and Aguas Calientes were seamless and the accommodations were very good. We were served extraordinary meals for the entire trek (kudos to Roly – what a chef!). All our trekking equipment was top quality: tents, sleeping bags, etc. were clearly chosen to take us comfortably through the winter weather.

Having experienced personal guides many places in the world, I felt that Jose and his team brought a high level of knowledge of the history, culture, land and people to our travel. Questions were answered and we were encouraged to interact with local people we encountered on our trek. We hiked through beautiful mountains amid llamas, alpacas, sheep and cattle. We encountered local farm families and were welcomed into two homes. One family even roasted us guinea pig for dinner! I know that if I had pieced together this type of trip from various resources instead of booking the 7 day Lares Trek we would not have had very many of the experiences we enjoyed so much.

I think the ease of our travel also prevented a lot of wasted time. For instance we didn’t have to figure out how to get tickets or stand in line. It gave us more time at the sites in which we were interested. I overheard other travelers who had tried to get tickets online talking about standing in line because the order hadn’t gone through or their purchase was wrong. Meanwhile our small group never missed a beat. We were able to practically breeze through much of the waiting because Jose had planned the trip so well!

Finally, I was so appreciative of Jose and his team’s general congeniality. They were always in good humor, helpful and interesting. Jose and his crew provided the right balance of education and encouragement which is so helpful when exploring a new land. My daughter and I will never forget our wonderful trip to Peru – thanks to Jose and his team!

Reviewed: August 6, 2013
Pat V

“Perfect! Wouldn’t change a thing. Forget the big, impersonal companies – this is the one for your Inca Trail.”

We booked our Inca Trail with Cusi Travel for June 2013 and were blown away by the service we received!

AMAZING SERVICE. Every small detail had been thought of. The equipment was excellent, the food (cooked in a tent) was some of the best we had during our whole 1.5 months in Peru! They catered for one gluten-free person and one vegetarian in our group. It was my birthday on the 4th day of the trail and on the 3rd night I was given a birthday cake and a mini cake on the 4th morning to take into Machu Picchu for photos!

HAPPY, WELL LOOKED AFTER PORTERS. The porters were lovely, always laughing and smiling and had excellent clothing and backpacks. They are very well looked after by Cusi.

SMALL GROUPS: Unlike other tours Cusi only takes maximum of 8 people, and in our group we only had 4 so it was so personal. We walked at our own pace and stopped when we wanted to.

KNOWLEDGEABLE GUIDE. Jose Cusi’s knowledge was extremely impressive. At every Incan site along the trail we were given detailed history lessons and he really brought the place to life. He was considering writing a book about the Incan Culture – you cant get a better guide than that! And his English was near-on perfect.

COMPANY WITH A HEART. As a bonus, before our Inca trail Jose Cusi asked if we wanted to do a community visit and spend one more night camping in the village where the porters come from (for no extra cost). We met their children, helped in the fields and ate dinner with the head porter’s family. Cusi is using his business to give back to the community by helping the children in the village with a small cinema that shows documentaries (national geographic, animal planet etc) and further plans for a school. Your money is going to a good place here.

PERFECT! The whole experience was beyond our belief. Perfect in every way and we will never forget it. Thank you Jose and the rest of the team for making it so wonderful.

Go with Cusi, you will not regret it!

Reviewed: July 28, 2013

“Highly recommend Cusi Travel, Cusco”

We were floundering, trying to set up our Machu Picchu and Huyana Picchu passes, and Cusi Travel came to rescue, arranging everything for us for a modest fee, including passes, all the train tickets, buses etc. Very difficult to do online on the government site. They were very responsive, by email, and they also recommended and arranged hotels. We did one day of tour with their guide to Sacred Valley, and loved it. Would definitely choose them for a real Trek, which we hope to do some day, as we know it would be top notch. See their website, which expresses beautifully their mission and goals.

Reviewed: July 4, 2013
Susel F

“The Lares Hike”

Two of my friends and I did the Lares hike with Cusi Travel and enjoyed every minute of it! The day before the hike began José, our guide, took us on the Face to Face tour where we learned about Cusco from the Peruvian perspective. This was free of charge and a great chance to get to know the rest of the group before we began the hike.

We spent 4 days with José and the crew as we hiked on the Lares trail. Although we had originally intended on doing the Inka trail, we were glad with our choice to do the lesser known Lares hike. We didn’t see a single tourist and got to visit with the local people along the way. The food was excellent and Rolly the chef even catered to the Vegan needs of a few people in our group. Although the altitude can make the hike difficult, José made frequent stops to let us catch our breath and gave us background knowledge of the trail. The equipment is top notch, even though it rained the first night the tents held up well and we stayed dry.

My friends and I are all students below the average age for most people who do this hike (we’re 20/21) and we felt this was a good option for us. Everything we needed during the hike was taken care of and we didn’t have to worry about arranging tickets to get into Machu Picchu. José speaks english/spanish/quechua very well and has 10 years of experience leading tourists through the trails. Overall the trip went smoothly and I recommend Cusi Travel to anyone looking for an adventure set in the beautiful backdrop of the Peruvian mountains.

Reviewed: July 1, 2013

“More than expected!”

First of all I want to say Cusi Travel is top notch! I could not have been happier with our trip with our guide Jose through trek of the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu. To start off and say the service and hospitality of all the members was honestly above and beyond what I had expected! I can truly say that even when the trek got physically and mentally demanding Jose motivated me and my friend in a positive manner through the whole trek with out fail for five days.

I must also mention that when traveling safety is my main concern and my friend and I felt safe through the whole trek with Jose and his porters. My friend and I felt a bit of altitude sickness but Jose took care of us accordingly and appropriately.

The gear Cusi Travel uses for their customers is top notch North Face tents, sleeping bags and thermal air mattress’. I know from speaking others fellow travelers, who were on the same trek but with different travel agencies, we were warmer and more accommodated through the night! This made a HUGE difference as we could enjoy our adventure to the fullest.

The next most important thing I must mention is that the food we were cooked was a filling full three course meal comparable to restaurant dining Morning, Noon and Night!
Jose took his time to make sure we understood the history of the Incas while we trekked which made our trip more in depth and memorable. Jose even took photos throughout our trip and gave us a CD when we were finished for us to keep!

Lastly the Cusi travel porters go out of their way to accommodate you with anything you need during the trip!

friendly service
top notch gear
CD of photos taken throughout entire trek included!

I got some altitude sickness but our guide took care of me and got me going again.

Overall if your the kind of person looking or a trip full of fun and adventure Cusi Travel is the way to go!

Visited June 2013

Reviewed: June 18, 2013
Jesus F


Mly wife and I just spent two weeks in Peru . . . eight of those days in the Sacred Valley and surrounding areas. We used Cusi travel for five different day tours. Our first contact with Cusi Travel was with Amy, their marketing director. She responded very promptly to our questions and provided lots of detail, suggestions, and helpful ideas to make our trip more enjoyable. She was a joy to work with.

We were fortunate to have Jose as our guide on all of our tours. He is passionate about what he does and that makes the time you spend with him informative, interesting, and memorable. Our first day tour was a visit to the Quechua community of Mahuaypampa to visit 2nd and 4th grade students who were learning English. We attended their classes and were able to speak to them and help them as they learned new words. My wife taught in elementary schools for over 20 years, so this was especially fun for her. We will never forget their enthusiasm and their smiles. Jose is active in this community sharing his time and resources with them.

On our second day tour we visited the ruins of Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Maras, and Moray in the Sacred Valley. We also visited the markets in Chincheros and Pisac. Jose has a wealth of knowledge about the ancient Incan people, which he shares with you on the tours. Our driver Angel was patient with us as we were constantly asking him to stop so that we could take pictures. In Chincheros we were able to visit the cooperative where they dye the different wools and make beautiful handmade items such as sweaters, scarfs, table runners, hats, shawls, and mittens. This is a “must see” as you are able to see what they use to dye the wools, and you can see them actually making some of the items they sell.

Our most memorable tour with Cusi travel was hiking the Inka Trail. We stayed in Urubamba at the Tambo del Inka. They have a Vistadome train that leaves exclusively from their property and goes to Aguas Calientes, at the base of Machu Picchu. We left the train at Marker 104 and proceeded to hike the Inka Trail for the next 8.5 miles. What an experience!!!!! Jose was able to share with us a comprehensive history of the trail, the ruins, and the important events that occurred in the area. We started at the ruins of Chachabamba and walked the Inka Trail to the ruins of Winaywayna, a hike of approximately 5 miles with an elevation gain of more than 1900 feet. Jose made sure that we drank plenty of water and he provided a great lunch for us. The views along the way were breathtaking. We were in the “cloud forest”. We are in our mid sixties but with Jose’s help we were able to make this climb. Don’t miss this opportunity.

We hiked another 3.5 miles across a saddleback to the Sungate, which looks down to Machu Picchu. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you. Jose is an excellent photographer as well. He helped tremendously with our photo taking.

Our next day tour was a full day at Machu Picchu. We left Aguas Calientes early in the morning, 5:30am, and took one of the first buses up to Machu Picchu. Our guide Jose shared his amazing knowledge about the ruins, the people, their beliefs . . . he really makes the place come alive and you can appreciate so much more what the Incan people were like and how intelligent they were and all that they accomplished. Our tour to Machu Picchu included our hotel stay in Aguas Calientes as well as our evening meal.

Our last day tour was in the Cuzco area. We visited Koriancha the primary Incan temple, which was built over by the Spanish. We were able to see many sites in Cuzco that most tourists don’t see, because Jose knows the city so well and takes you to places that are interesting but not visited by most tourists.

We also visited the ruins at Sacsahuyman, Kenko, Puca Pucara, and Tambomachay. One of the best reasons to go with Cusi Travel is the fact that Jose speaks Quechua, fluently. He can communicate so well with the local people. He actually taught us enough to be able to greet people, tell them our name, ask them their names, and to thank them. Knowing a few simple phrases opened up some of the most memorable experiences we had on our whole trip. I speak Spanish fluently, but being able to utter a few phrases in Quechua brought shocked surprise, huge smiles, and humor to many of our meetings with the people. Thanks Jose.

Since returning home my wife and I have spent time reminiscing about our trip. We have remarked several times that the main reason for so many wonderful memories was due to having Cusi Travel (Jose) as our guide. We learned so much . . . we were able to see so much
and most of all we were able to feel closer to the people. Each of the one day tours we took was well worth it.

If you want the best guides to guide you in and around the Sacred Valley . . . or you are more adventurous and want to do a day hike on the Inka Trail . . . book your tours with Cusi Travel.
You will make memories that will last a lifetime. We did.

Reviewed: December 15, 2014

“Excellent service, knowledgable staff”

My friend and I did the 4 day Salkantay Hike and had a lot of fun! Ultimately chose them because they were a family business that promoted investing in the local community. Very well taken care of throughout the entire trip. Our guide really knew the route and was flexible, we were even allowed us to modify the itinierary to travel to places we thought were interesting. Also stayed at their B&B which was comfortable, and the staff helped us quite a bit with planning travel from Cusco to our other destinations. The little inconveniences we had, they were quick to remedy to our satisfaction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed: December 1, 2014
Duong N

“Inca Trail hike with Cusi Travel”

We booked the ina trail hike with Cusi Travel and we’re very happy with our choice. We first visited the local community José (the owner) works with. It was a grat experience since it offers you the opportunity to see the ‘real’ Peru. We played soccer with the children and had diner & breakfast with one of the families. The day after we started the Inca Trail. Everything was well organized, transport and all logistics went smoothly and quality equipment. We also had a good guide to explain us about the history off Machu Picchu. Overall an unforgeattable experience.

Reviewed: November 30, 2014

“A trip that opened my eyes and heart!”

Cusi travel made my longed planed trip an even bigger moment in my life! My eyes where opened to an amazing world with all the knowledge that they shared! My heart was touched with the overwhelming compassion that Cusi travel has for it’s people and way of life! Especially the children.

Reviewed: November 26, 2014

“The absolute best!”

We booked Cusi Travel for the 4 day Inca Trail Hike in December 2013 (we spent NYE 2014 on the trail!). The fact that they are Peruvian owned and operated was the primary reason we chose them and we were a bit concerned that the quality of the tour would be lower based on the fact that they are small and on the newer side. Not only did the quality exceed our expectations with fabulous tents (that didn’t leak one bit even in heavy rain), great food (even for vegetarians!), and excellent gear (for us AND the porters), but our guide Amorosa was also amazing! His knowledge of the trail, the Quechua people and Inca history really made the trip special. As a lesbian couple that ended up being the only two people on the trip with 5 male porters and a male guide, it was truly amazing to feel so comfortable and welcomed. They were funny, friendly and just plain wonderful to be with. It was the highlight of our trip to Peru, which was the highlight of all our many travels around the world, and not just because we saw Machu Picchu. Cusi Travel really made the trip special for us. It took a great trip to an exceptional one with their fantastic service and love for what they do. That they help the community they come from makes them even more wonderful. They love Peru and you will too after spending some time with them!

Reviewed: November 24, 2014

“Couldn’t have asked for more!”

We chose Cusi after reading the reviews. We hadn’t appreciated that in a packed field of tour providers that Cusi is one of the few that is truly Peruvian, and we were so pleased we picked them. Our guide Jose was fantastic, great fun, good sense of humour and very knowledgeable, and rightly proud of the culture and history of the Quechuans as well as the history of Cusco and all the places we visited. His passion for the Quechuans, as well as his love of his country and it’s amazing history was very evident and we really enjoyed our time with him.

We did the Salkantay Trek and Jose worked with us to ensure we were going at the right pace and kept our spirits up. We went from being freezing cold, practically crying and thinking we’d be better off in the toilet for the night because it was probably warmer, to being in cloud jungle sweating like nobody’s business. We saw so much wildlife, and not so many people except at occasional lunch stops. Jose was great at pointing out the wildlife and shared with us his photographs of birds that he’s captured on film over the years.

The visit to the coffee plantation was a highlight, learning about the difficulties of being a plantation owner and knowing that our visit was helping them directly. After learning the coffee production and having a fresh brew, we bought a couple of bags and it tastes great. Food was good, the cake for our last night was a surprise, and it’s amazing what the guys can rustle up over a camping gas stove.

The trek was hard going at times for two unfit Brits but Jose encouraged us and we occasionally surprised ourselves with what we achieved! We were glad we had gone with Cusi rather than some ponced up wine and linen set up we saw at one camping site. We got to understand a lot of the realities of what being Quechuan was and is, and in one of these 5star set ups I would think you’d be more removed from being able to get an insight into life for the majority of Peruvians.

Our tour of Macchu Pichu seemed totally different to that everyone else experienced, and it made it all the more special. We had a couple of photos then we went to one side out of the melee of people and Jose shared with us the ideas and beliefs about Macchu Pichu and the history of its discovery etc. We had a final coffee and it was hard to believe we were going our separate way after 4 nights but we waved him off and went back in to climb Huayna Pichu – reaching the top as a storm rumbled in, I was down in record time! Thanks for believing we could do it Jose!!!

The train back to Cusco was HILARIOUS – fashion show and someone dressed up for fiesta were just 2 highlights. Not sure I’d want to experience that every again but still makes me chuckle.

Reviewed: November 22, 2014

Amazing Mantanay Hike (off-the beaten path)

I went on the Mantanay Hike with Cusi Travel after searching everywhere for a hike at the last minute. My time frame was very specific and I was traveling alone, so finding a hike was not easy. I had checked with Cusi months earlier and they didn’t have anything available so I had kept searching and got no where. At the last minute, another couple signed up for a hike and Cusi travel remembered to reach back out to me to see if I was interested. I was delighted that they followed up. The hike itself, was more of “glamping”, than camping. We ate amazing food everyday, and our guide Jose was so knowledgeable about the Quechan culture as well as the land. One of the most noteable aspects of the hike was the ability to see how local adults and children live and work in these remote areas. A few people even invited us into their homes and offered us food. Their hospitality was astounding, and allowed me to understand the culture and some of the difficulties that these communities faced to a level I would have not otherwise been exposed to. Overall, I must say that the level of customer service at Cusi was amazing, and mad me feel very at home. I highly recommend the company for any hike, and specifically, the Mantanay Hike.

Reviewed: Agust 27, 2014

“Highly recommended Community Visit for Authentic Peruvian Experience!”

I recently did the Community Visit to a small Andean village 1 hour from Cusco with Cusi Travel. While I made time to visit all of the major tourist sites in Cusco, I found that I wanted to get away from all the other tourists and see the authentic side of Peru. The Community Visit gave me an inside perspective that I could not have otherwise obtained during my stay in Peru. The village is beautiful overlooking the Sacred Valley and is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains. We visited a local house and got to try the traditional drink called chicha, which is made from fermented corn. We learned that local chicherias (places that sell chicha) are really just someone’s adobe house. The key is to watch for a red flag raised outside the house to know when the chicha is ready. Our guide, Jose, really made the entire experience a possibility. While I speak Spanish, I do not speak Quechua. I found that many of the people in the village (including our chicheria host) only spoke Quechua. Jose translated for us, and explained various aspects of the lifestyle and culture of the local people. While in the chicheria, we were able to visit the kitchen which is also where they keep their guinea pigs running around the floor! The host was very willing to share her home with us so that we felt very comfortable and welcomed. After that Jose took us out through the fields and taught us about their crops and farming techniques. We also went down to visit the schools and learned about how Cusi Travel is supporting the village by providing school supplies, jobs for porters, and by providing an English teacher. Also, Jose was fun, informative and listened closely to our feedback, questions and any concerns we had. The experience felt genuine and it was clear that Jose is working hard to help the village. Although there are many agencies that say they do community service, we saw that Cusi Travel actually is doing it. I definitely recommend doing the Community Visit with Cusi Travel for a chance to get away from the city and see how the local Andean people really live.

Reviewed: April 21, 2014
Amanda J

“Incredible Experience with an Incredible Guide and Company”

I was going to go in depth more with this review but once I saw Jose already had 34 Excellent reviews on here, I knew most of what I wanted to say already has probably been said. I looked through the first few and I wasn’t disappointed. Cusi Travel and Jose were incredible and we’re so happy we chose them. My girlfriend and I booked the 4D/3N Lares hike on the recommendation of a friend who did the same hike with Jose last summer and we’re glad we did. After the first day, I became severely ill first with a fever and then a continuing horrible stomach flu. Without going into much gruesome detail, it was a dark experience yet made 1000x brighter and more surmountable thanks to Jose and his crew. Luis the cook was amazing and cooked up awesome food every meal (most of which I had no appetite for but still always tried for strength) and our horseman and his family were incredible hosts for our camping the 2nd night. It was very tough but we persevered and stuck to the itinerary. I did have to ride a horse for the first half of the 2nd hiking day up and over the mountain pass and then the 3rd day, we opted to rest in Ollantaytambo directly from our overnight spot so as to conserve strength for Machu Picchu on the final day. Thankfully I was just about 100% by the time we actually stepped foot into MP so I was able to enjoy that day in full health. We also climbed Huayna Picchu and that was absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend adding that on. Throughout the darkest moments of my illness during the hike, Jose and the crew were constantly accommodating and doing their best to ensure I was able to continue and push through. They were caring but didn’t pander and I appreciated that.

Jose’s passion for Peru and the Quechua people is unrivaled and a hike with Cusi Travel is an experience of a lifetime. Hike with Cusi!

Reviewed: April 16, 2014

“Incredible Experience!”

I hiked the Inca Trail with Cusi Travel in August 2013 with a group of close to 30, the largest they had ever accommodated. They handled our trip flawlessly…you would not have even known we were there largest group. Jose and his team were extremely professional and knowledgable. They also were great about us giving more of an insider’s perspective into the local culture and some of the challenges facing Peru. On the Inca Trail, Jose’s team kept us fed with gourmet meals, had tents setup each night when we arrived, and kept us entertained with fun games, team activities, and educational information along the way.

Jose is also exceptionally passionate about effecting change and creating employment opportunities for his fellow Peruvians. He cares deeply about the country and focuses Cusi travel around the mission of giving back to the local communities. Truly an inspirational leader and entrepreneur who makes you feel like your trip had more impact than the run-of-the-mill vacation. I give Cusi travel my highest recommendation…I’d travel with them again in an instant!

Reviewed: January 3, 2014
Dan S

“Greatful to have chosen Cusi”

My cousins and I completed the 4 day Lares trek with Cusi Travel. Great service and preparation. It started with a complementary tour of Cusco the day before and then a comprehensive explanation of the trek. They had us leave earlier as planned because of a transportation strike, which saved us hours of hiking time later on. (Later, we heard of other trekkers being stuck behind that day because of the strike).
Our tour guide was excellent. He had a wealth of knowledge of the Peruvian culture and shared many stories. He was honest and entertaining.
Our chef, made the best food out of all the places we ate in Peru. At some points we ate too much because it was so good.
Hiking the mountains, meeting the villagers, Machu Picchu was an experience of a life time and I don’t know how any other company could have served us better.
Cusi Travel was pricier that the other companies we had considered but in the end, I felt the extra dollars with Cusi was money well spent. I am left with a good feeling that we supported a local business who have honorable intentions for their community.
Excellent all around!!

Reviewed: 28 octubre 2013

“Excellent tour guide”

Jose is a terrific guide – very knowledgeable, attentive, authentic, speaks very good english (and Quechua), just a really nice guy. Could not have asked for a better experience.

Reviewed: 10 octuber 2013

“A perfect blend of adventure and relaxation!”

The people at Cusi travel go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and even a little spoiled during their trekking adventures. They use the best gear including North Face tents and thermarest sleeping mats which are set up for you when you arrive. Humberto made us amazing 3 corse meals and had them prepared precisely when we arrived. Beware, he likes to use hot peppers but they are always on the side. Ruben brought us hot coffee to our tent before breakfast and his family even hosted us on night two and prepared us the local delicacy, cuy, which was delicious. Jose, who was our guide for the lares valley trek, was a wealth of information about local culture and history and made the hike interesting and fun. Thank you Cusi travel for the awesome adventure!!!

Reviewed: 29 mayo 2013

“Cusi Travel is Top of the Mark!”

I want to thank Cusi Travel for the excellent trek through Lares Valley. My wife an I enjoyed every moment of it. Jose has a deep knowledge of the places we visited the people and cultures we encountered and the history of the beautiful Peruvian countryside.

The food was completely over the top! Four courses for every meal. Coffee or tea delivered to your tent every morning. The equipment was also top quality. North Face tents and ThermaRest mattresses. We’ve never slept and ate so well while camping.

I would recommend Cusi Travel to anyone considering a trek or a guided tour in Peru. Jose is great and cares deeply for his guests and there enjoyment of the country he loves so much.

Thanks Jose!

Reviewed: 28 mayo 2013

“Memories of Machu Picchu thanks to Travel Guide”

Our machu picchu trip was more than i could ask for and unparalleled to any other touring company experience I have ever had. Our guide (and owner) Jose, is an expert in everything; history, geology, wild life, and even photography. I appreciated they way he told the story of the Quechua and inca people and all the theories associated w the creation of Machu Picchu. I never felt rushed, or that my questions were ever silly and i felt safe at all times on our 2 day hike.The food, hotel accommodations, and overall service was more than I expected and a bargain for this top notch service and experience. As a bonus, I also learned how to use my SLR camera which I used to always default to auto. Not any more… I now have amazing pictures that capture the moments I will forever remember. Thank you Cusi Travel, I hope your business flourishes as your company is truly 5 stars in my eyes.

Sincerely-Your favorite new traveling fan,


Ps- see you in a few years for the 4 day experience.

Reviewed: 25 mayo 2013

“Cusi Travel is Amazing!”

We did the trek from Salkantay to Machu Picchu in April with Javier from Cusi travel and had an excellent hike. We were treated like royalty and were extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire team. Javier was an extremely knowledgeable guide and our cooks Rolly and Henri managed to create delicious meals even at 4400 meters! We are so pleased with the entire trek and would highly recommend Cusi Travel to anyone looking for a guided mountain tour in Peru. Thank you José and Javier and the entire team!

Reviewed: 9 mayo 2013

“The Best Experience in the Andes!”

I have just returned from a 6 day hike in Peru with Cusi Travel and could not be happier. After discussing our goals of experiencing natural beauty, some solitude and Inca ruins, Jose put together an amazing hike that led us right up to Mount Salkantay where we touched it’s glacier, then descended down into a peaceful valley, not seeing another tourist in the first three days. Then we linked up with the Inka Trail for a full-on history lesson. Our guide was first-rate, compassionate about Quechua culture, knowledgable of both Inca history and the natural surroundings, and also part psychologist, helping to convince us we could succeed when the trail got difficult approaching 5000m altitude. Our chef (and I mean chef) cooked restaurant quality food at every meal and even baked us a cake for our farewell dinner. Our hard-working porters were happy and clearly well-treated. To top it off this local Cusco company invests much of its earnings back into the samll Andean villages where the porters live, supporting the families and the local school. Choosing Cusi Travel will not only give you the best hiking experience in Peru but it will also help support the lives of many children who live in the Andes.

Reviewed: 28 abril 2013
Mike L

“A Perfect Trip thanks to a Top Notch Tour Company”

A buddy and I hiked 4 days en route to Machu Picchu with Jose, his unbelievable chef, and his trusty horseman. Shut out of the Inca Trail, we went for the Lares trek, and that was an absolute blessing. Rather than sift through hordes of tourists, we found ourselves amidst mountains, alpacas, and some lovely local Quechuas. Throughout, Jose provided tons of insightful info, historical context, and some clutch Quechua words to help us communicate with the folks in the mountains.

Jose worked hard to give us an authentic experience, and it worked.He went so far as to take us around Cusco the day before our trip just to show us some places we would likely miss on our own. We had such a good time, we ended up hanging out with Jose after our trip, spending new years rocking out in Cusco.

Perhaps the best part of the trip was that everything ran without a hitch. When we arrived mid day from our morning hike, lunch was ready to be served. When we got in after our afternoon hike, the tents were up and snacks were served. We were even served tea every morning in our tent.

Bottom line, if you’ve found Cusi Travel, you’re lucky. You don’t need to look any further.

Reviewed: 17 febrero 2013
Gary B

“Quality Tour with Quality Staff”

My daughter and I took the five day Salkanty Trek to Machu Picchu with Cusi Travel in September of 2012. It was one of a number of treks we took on our three month Peru, Bolivia and Argentina holiday. Although the tour put us over our daily personal budget of $65 and cost more than many other tours being offered by the dozens, possibly hundreds of agencies offering treks to Machu Picchu,the UNESCO heritage site, Jose the owner of Cusi Tours and our guide, is in a class of his own.

Jose had been recommended to us by a friend of a friend and after reading his responses to our emails, learning that he was Peruvian, that he was the owner and that he was to be our guide, we decided to choose him and his company over all the others.

Not to repeat what has already been written about Jose Cusi elsewhere, (please refer to comments on the Cusi Travel web-site which my daughter and I completely agree with), I can only add that Jose has working for him probably the best camp cook in all Peru. He actually has trained as a chef and like Jose, takes tremendous pride in his work. Jose himself we think personally guides just so he can enjoy the food and cooking being provided on the treks.

Because I am a budget-type traveler and outdoor enthusiast, I am not accustomed to the quality service and attentiveness that was being offered but for those discerning tourists who are the type that want and are able to do multi-day hikes and have come to expect the best, Cusi Travel will meet your expectations.

Reviewed: 11 diciembre 2012

“Fantanstic experience and wonderful guide”

“Jose is an incredible tour guide who shared his vast knowledge of the Inca Trail with us during our trip in May 2012. He is extremely personable and made the trek something that I will remember for the rest of my life. If you are like me, a little worried about the physicality of the hike, Jose is your guide! He was very supportive and encouraging from start to finish.”

Reviewed: 10 noviembre 2012
Andrea K

“Best treking expirience to Salkantay”

We took the Salkantay trek with Jose in January 2012. He was recommended to us by our friends who took the same trek with him. When we contacted him we discovered he just opened a new company – Cosi Travel.

Our experience with Jose and the newly formed Cosi Travel was exceptional.

Jose is an exceptional guide, he has a vast knowledge and understanding of the region and it’s fascinating history which he shares with a lot of enthusiasm. During the trip we learned a lot and we’re provided with a lot of insight to the local culture.

Jose has a lot of experience in the trails he knows the best places to visit and the better camping places.

The logistics were very well organized, the cook did an excellent job. The hiking equipment was first class.

Reviewed: 31 agosto 2012
Tel Aviv

Leslie Sheets

I am writing in reference to my experience with Jose Cusi, as host to our group of travelers from all over the world, who came together on an extensive hike/tour through Peru with destination Machu Picchu, 2008.

During a three-week vacation in Peru, five days were spent on the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, under the watch of Jose Cusi. Our group consisted of hikers from ages 20 through 60! The night before the tour, Jose met with each hiker to describe the adventure before us, along with an incredibly helpful summary of what to expect. We were very well prepared. The next morning we were on our way and Jose was very attentive to the group, gauging experiences and observing each hiker. He is extremely personable and trustworthy. Jose spent time with each of us, teaching us of the local geology, and history of the areas we traveled through. He is extremely knowledgeable and his studies of culture and history were apparent.

Throughout the five days, we camped, hiked, ate, and experienced the land and cultures of each of our stops. Jose was never too far ahead or behind any of the hikers. He often doubled back and moved ahead with amazing endurance. He was always around or in sight which is comforting considering the physical challenges in some parts of the route and also when there were questions of anything from vegetation or the land and cultures we traveled through. We completed the tour safely, on time and gained a wealth of knowledge that made this experience one of the most amazing adventures of a lifetime.

Jose Cusi is a truly wonderful leader. I know that this experience was directly impacted by the quality of the guide and the enthusiasm and knowledge required to lead a group of strangers from different countries, and have them all friends and in touch to this day. Jose is our common link. I would recommend to anyone who has a chance to tour with Jose, to take a spot immediately and be prepared for a most exciting, challenging adventure full of stories, history, jokes, and lessons in art, culture and language.

I continue to recommend Jose Cusi and his work to anyone planning a trip to South America.

Reviewed: ...
Leslie Sheets

Brit and Virginia Johnson

Jose Antonio Cusi Camero served as our tour guide when we hiked the Inca trail in the spring of 2009. The tour we were on was a four-day trek from the beginning of the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Jose was very informative about the Inca trail, the environment and the history of the Quechua people. During the trek, Jose went out of his way to stop and inform the group about the local people and customs as well as the history surrounding some of the structures. He was quite fluent in English, which helped us tremendously as we spoke very little Spanish. His “History Lessons” were quite informative and helped us appreciate both present day Peru as well as the long history of the region.

He and his crew met our every need on the trail and in camp, we couldn’t have asked for a better guide. He gladly accommodated us by taking pictures of us along the way as well as in Machu Picchu. When some of our fellow hikers forged ahead, Jose stayed back with us to make certain we were all right.

He was also very encouraging when the hike got into the tougher parts, and urged us on when we needed that little extra push. Overall, we would highly recommend Jose Antonio Cusi Camero. He is an intelligent, hard working individual who takes pride in his job. Jose met all of our needs beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend his services.

Reviewed: ...
Brit and Virginia Johnson

Chu, Fui Choon

I met Jose Cusi for the first time when I hiked the Inka Trail on Jun 5th, 2010. He showed up the night before in the hotel lobby and explained to me all the necessary things to undertake the 4 day/3 night Inka Trail trek. He speaks fluent and perfectly understandable English, diligently elaborate on the details of the hike that is 49 kilometers at 4200 meters. He made sure we asked all of our questions and answered all of them. Then, I thought, yeah, that is a guide’s job.

I then came to know that Jose goes beyond his duty as a guide. When the journey started, my group of six started to get to know how good Jose really is. Of course, Jose is nice, pleasant, goofy sometimes to make us laugh and fun. But, Jose is more than that as a guide. Jose has easily became a best friend for all of us.

Along the way, Jose knows exactly what needs to be done, where to do what and when to do it. He surprised me the 1st time when he started “the history lesson” on the Inka Trail. It took all 6 of us away. The lesson is the starter to attach us to the Inka Trail. It is so powerful that I can still feel and hear it freshly in my mind.

Jose never stopped giving instruction to the cook, the porters and the team along the way. He is like a leader to the team, knowing what to do and when to do it, is crucial. I used to tease him that he is like the “commander”, issuing orders all the time. Everyone listened to his instruction and followed it exactly. He also showed his ability to gain trust, our trust, instantly.

The fact is, Jose Cusi is so good at his job, so good at what he is doing, he had exceeded the team expectation. We all love him as our guide. None of us wanted to go home when the 4th day came to an end. He is a leader in his league, a mentor to the cook and porters, a friend to those he guides. He is serious about his job at most times without noticing it because we only remember the fun-filled Jose. We call him, friend, not guide at the end.

Reviewed: ...
Chu, Fui Choon

“A perfect blend of adventure and relaxation!”

The people at Cusi travel go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and even a little spoiled during their trekking adventures. They use the best gear including North Face tents and thermarest sleeping mats which are set up for you when you arrive. Humberto made us amazing 3 corse meals and had them prepared precisely when we arrived. Beware, he likes to use hot peppers but they are always on the side. Ruben brought us hot coffee to our tent before breakfast and his family even hosted us on night two and prepared us the local delicacy, cuy, which was delicious. Jose, who was our guide for the lares valley trek, was a wealth of information about local culture and history and made the hike interesting and fun. Thank you Cusi travel for the awesome adventure!!!

Reviewed: May 2013


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