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USA: 1-507-298-0709
Peru: +51 985 808 035

“Flawless execution with a personal touch”

I’m sure many of you reading these reviews are trying to choose between different Inca Trail trek companies and guides and are overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. Let me just help you out now: choose Cusi. I could not believe the quality of service and food we were getting on the trail. It seriously felt like a 5-star experience. Cusi Travel places a great emphasis on connecting their customers with the local culture, and I felt like that’s exactly what I wanted out of my experience on the trail. They taught us a few Quechuan words so that we could speak to our Quechuas (the porters) as they passed us (at breakneck speed with 25 kilos of weight on their back!) and thank them for all the hard work they did for us. Jose and all the tour guides were some of the most caring and funny people I’ve met, making sure that we all had the right motivation to make it to the top, or just the end of the day. The quality of the equipment was top-class (high-end NorthFace tents, very comfortable sleeping mats and much more). I could not believe how much energy all of these guys have, and they love being able to tell other people about their country. These guys were seriously our friends by even just the end of the first day, and so it really didn’t feel like a client/tour guide relationship. We were 27 people so were probably a lot to handle, and Cusi had never handled such a big group before, but they consistently always had the right amount of food and the logistics were flawless! I seriously believe with so much competition out there, Jose has had the pick of the litter with all of his staff (including the amazing chefs) so I cannot recommend Cusi more highly.


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