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USA: 1-507-298-0709
Peru: +51 985 808 035

“Perfection on the Inca Trail”

There is no way that I can adequately put into words how absolutely fantastic Cusi Travel is, but I’ll give it a shot.

First of all, Jose and his crew are all native Quechuas and have an unmatched knowledge of the history of Cusco and the Incas. They are incredibly fun, adventurous, funny, and professional. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of Incan and Peruvian history. They went well beyond their duties and made a concerted effort to connect with each traveler individually. I had fantastic conversations with the guides on topics ranging from Inca stone-carving technique to contemporary Peruvian politics.

Cusi took us into the Cusco highlands for a village stay, where we visited a local school and were invited into a community leader’s home for tea and snacks. We shared stories with schoolchildren and heard them sing local songs. We were immersed in the Quechua culture and learned first-hand about education, family, community, and food. We even danced to local music under the light of the moon in a backyard filled with cows, dogs, chickens, children, and community leaders! It was an incredible and authentic experience which I will never forget.

On the trail, everything was planned and organized to perfection, and the support and service went far beyond our expectations. The food was so good that we momentarily forgot we were backpacking! We had three-course meals for dinner and lunch everyday along with snacks, drinks, and tea.

Cusi Travel is also committed to the local community and donates a share of their profits toward community programs to improve education and well-being in rural areas. They want to give back to the Quechua community and share the beauty of local culture with tourists. Our experience with Cusi Travel was so much more than a hike to Machu Picchu.

Cusi Travel brought something special and unexpected to our Inca Trail experience. The little details, the fabulous food, the personal attention, the local connections, the joke circles, the immersion in local culture… the list goes on… made our experience absolutely unforgettable. I would recommend Cusi Travel to any of my friends as the best Inca Trail experience available.


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