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A Few Things to Know Before Visiting Machu Picchu

Experiencing a successful trip to Machu Picchu requires some knowledge and careful planning. In other words, you can’t simply wing this trip and expect everything to work out just right. At Cusi Travel, we host a range of Machu Picchu touring experiences for groups visiting throughout the year.

Book Well in Advance to Trek the Inca Trail

The most popular trek among the Machu Picchu tours is the Inca Trail. It is the only journey that allows you to hike directly into the ruins. Only a few hundred tourists every day are permitted to access this trail. Therefore, it is important to book this trail many months in advance.

Choose the Best Time of the Year

It is important to select an optimum time of the year to visit Machu Picchu. During the summer months in this part of the world is the rainy season (October through April) resulting in less crowds. However, if you want to view the area in total sunshine, then visiting during the winter season (May through September) is the time to go.

The Trek to Machu Picchu is Not a Breeze

It is important to understand that choosing to trek to Machu Picchu is not an effortless hike. The high-altitude can leave you breathless, even if you are in good shape. Remember that you will likely be carrying something on your person as well, possibly a large or small backpack. This added weight, although light as it may be, can feel like a heavy rock after a while. There is the potential for altitude sickness to occur which may include nausea and headaches. As well, camping overnight in the mountains means exposure to the colder weather. For these reasons, it is important to get in the best shape possible before you embark on a trek to Machu Picchu.

Bring Your Passport

Every foreign visitor to Machu Picchu must show their passport. Your passport number must match the number on your Machu Picchu ticket as well.

Contact our team via email at info@cusitravel.com if you want to find out about current Machu Picchu tour availability. Let us know the date you prefer for your trip, the number of participants in your group, and the type of hike or tour you and your group want to experience.