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Cusco Food and Restaurants

When traveling the world we are bound to encounter all different types of food, and often times we dine at restaurants because of people’s recommendations or word of mouth. This is perhaps the best way to dine in Cusco. In Peru, caution should be taken in most things we eat or drink, especially water. People traveling from other parts of the world are often used to drinking water from the tap, but here it is very important that we either boil the water before we drink it, filter it, or better yet, buy bottled water. In Cusco, there are plenty of stores or markets where you can purchase bottled water. When it comes to food however, it is important to be choose wisely where you eat at. With many small and narrow streets filled with hidden restaurants tucked in different corners, there are many restaurant options. Foods may look or smell appetizing, however, the ingredients may not have been washed thoroughly or cooked well, silverware or plates may not be clean, and the ingredients may be old. In Cusco, there are plenty of vendors that sell tasty treats on the street, but it is not always the best option for tourists coming in. Although some street food is safe to eat, others may not be and may cause an upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, or even a bacterial infection. Being sick can affect your hike or tour to Machu Picchu, so in order to avoid any unpleasant travel experiences, it is best just to steer clear. This does not mean we cannot be adventurous with our eating, since there are still plenty of reputable restaurants that serve authentic Peruvian cuisines, including delicacies such as alpaca and cuy (guinea pig). Also, there are many great restaurants in Cusco that serve delicious traditional flavors as well as some more familiar foods.

Around the center of Cusco there are plenty of great restaurants that provide a variety of dishes for all budgets. These restaurants are easy to find, delicious and are safe to eat at. Here are some recommended restaurants to eat at in Cusco:

  • Chicha
    • Plaza Regocijo 261, Second Floor. +51 (084) 240520
  • Pachapapa
    • Plaza San Blas 120, San Blas. +51 (084) 241318
  • Cafe Morena
    • Calle Plateros 348. +51 (084) 437832
  • KusiKuy
    • Calle Amargura 140. +51 (084) 262870
  • Uchu Steakhouse
    • Calle Palacio 135. +51 (842) 46598

Also, we recommend these restaurants for vegetarians or vegans:

  • Green Point
    • 235 Calle Carmen Bajo. +51 (084) 431146
  • Greens Organic
    • Sta Catalina Angosta. +51 (084) 254753
  • El Encuentro
    • Sta Catalina Ancha 384. +51 (084) 247977
  • Organika
    • Calle Resbalosa N° 410. +51 (084) 237216

By Celestina Hendrickson