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How to Prepare for the Machu Picchu Hike – Several Important Tips

In order to experience a successful trip to Machu Picchu, it is important to understand what to expect and conduct some careful planning. You don’t want to embark upon this type of adventure without making some important preparations both before you leave and while you are there. At Cusi Travel, we provide you with various options to maximize the enjoyment of your Machu Picchu tour.

Here is some key advice for making the most of your Machu Picchu adventure.

Book Early

Although Machu Picchu permits thousands of people to visit per day, the Inca Trail does not. For any alternative Machu Picchu Hike, you will need to have a Machu Picchu entrance ticket, and these usually sell out a few weeks in advance depending on the time of year. For Inca Trail Hikes, only a designated number of tourists are permitted each day. It is important to book this hike around six months in advance if you intend to trek during the peak season. If you plan to go during the wet season you’ll still want a book about three months or so in advance to ensure your spot.

Get the Right Hiking Gear

The temperature in this part of the world stays fairly consistent throughout the year. If you are trekking during the wet season, it’s important to bring along a lightweight poncho. If your trek is during the dry season, you still should bring one of these ponchos just to be prepared. We suggest avoiding cotton clothing and instead bringing trekking clothes that are generally manufactured from high wicking material.

Obtain the right waterproof boots to take with you and break them in for a period of time before you leave. Having these boots with you on your trip is very important. You will wear them all day long as they help you traverse the various trails with maximum comfort.

If you bring your own sleeping bag for the hike, make sure that it is adequate for the cold temperatures in the mountains. Depending on the hike you do, you may want to have a sleeping bag that is appropriate for weather that is below freezing.

Become Acclimatized

The city of Cusco is located at the high altitude of about 3,400 meters which is about 11,150 feet. Machu Picchu Hikes tend to go to even higher elevations of over 4,200 meters, or 13,780 feet. Because of this it is important to spend time in Cusco or the Sacred Valley for a few days before starting your hike. Staying hydrated, drinking coca tea, and taking altitude sickness pills are recommendations for avoiding problems with altitude sickness on your trip.

Check Your Passport

Since you may have booked your Machu Picchu Hike far in advance, double check to make sure that your passport hasn’t been renewed since you first booked. You will need your passport to enter Machu Picchu and also to take the train and bus to get there. If your number doesn’t match the number on your tickets, you won’t be allowed to enter or use the transportation. If you have renewed your passport, please email us copies of both your old and new passports so that we can update your tickets.

If you would like information about the Machu Picchu hiking tours we offer at Cusi Travel, email us today at info@cusitravel.com. If you are interested in booking, let us know the number of people in your group, the type of hike you want, and the preferred date of your hike.