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“Incredible Experience with an Incredible Guide and Company”

I was going to go in depth more with this review but once I saw Jose already had 34 Excellent reviews on here, I knew most of what I wanted to say already has probably been said. I looked through the first few and I wasn’t disappointed. Cusi Travel and Jose were incredible and we’re so happy we chose them. My girlfriend and I booked the 4D/3N Lares hike on the recommendation of a friend who did the same hike with Jose last summer and we’re glad we did. After the first day, I became severely ill first with a fever and then a continuing horrible stomach flu. Without going into much gruesome detail, it was a dark experience yet made 1000x brighter and more surmountable thanks to Jose and his crew. Luis the cook was amazing and cooked up awesome food every meal (most of which I had no appetite for but still always tried for strength) and our horseman and his family were incredible hosts for our camping the 2nd night. It was very tough but we persevered and stuck to the itinerary. I did have to ride a horse for the first half of the 2nd hiking day up and over the mountain pass and then the 3rd day, we opted to rest in Ollantaytambo directly from our overnight spot so as to conserve strength for Machu Picchu on the final day. Thankfully I was just about 100% by the time we actually stepped foot into MP so I was able to enjoy that day in full health. We also climbed Huayna Picchu and that was absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend adding that on. Throughout the darkest moments of my illness during the hike, Jose and the crew were constantly accommodating and doing their best to ensure I was able to continue and push through. They were caring but didn’t pander and I appreciated that.

Jose’s passion for Peru and the Quechua people is unrivaled and a hike with Cusi Travel is an experience of a lifetime. Hike with Cusi!


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