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We believe one of the best ways to boost the local economy in Cusco, and the economies of some of Peru’s poorest towns in the Andes, is by hiring our employees from local communities. We treat our staff well by paying them salaries far above the average, and by giving them what they need to be safe and happy on the job. This includes giving our porters, or “Quechuas” as we call them, comfortable mattresses and warm brand-name sleeping bags, as well as complete uniforms including jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, rain ponchos, caps and hats for the cold, and back supporters for when they carry heavy loads.

At Cusi Travel, we see two major benefits to employing local people. First, our employees are our greatest strength because they improve the quality of the tours we offer. Local guides, chefs and porters have a deep, firsthand understanding of Incan culture and how Andean people live today. They know the local traditions, the medicinal properties of plants, Incan legends, etc. With this understanding, they can teach our culture more genuinely and extensively.

Second, hiring people from local Andean communities boosts the economy, leading to better education, healthcare, and quality of life in their home communities. By teaching travelers about their way of life, local people empower themselves and preserve their Incan identity. To learn more about how Cusi Travel makes an impact on local communities, please visit our Cusi Projects page.

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